For a humancentric legal (R)evolution

Our Mission

Better Ipsum is a consulting company focusing on legal design, legal innovation, and legal well-being.

We started Better Ipsum because we believe that the legal world is facing a Copernican revolution, and we want to support all the players during this complex, but challenging, transition.

Who we are

We are a team of professionals with different experiences and backgrounds. We have experience working with multinational companies, law firms, and institutions, but also SMEs and startups. We believe that the diversity of our team is the main force, the experience our driver, and the alchemy our added value

Our Offer

Legal Design

Whether it’s a new policy, a contract or a template, we can help you redesigning all your documents and acts. We can also support you for the obtainment of ISO certification on plain language, a smart work on clients’ feedback, or the redefinition of your strategies in a customer-centric way.

Legal Innovation

We can help you choosing the best tool, structuring an innovation strategy, or developing a collaboration with engineers and lawyers. Our consultants can work step by step with you for the realization of digital transformation path, helping you leveraging on technology for better and more informed decisions.

Legal Wellbeing

How about engaging in better conversations with Gen Zs, redefining the purpose of your team, or understanding how to address burnout and anxiety disorders? If your team is your main asset, we help you take care of them.

ESG Consulting

Whether it’s a social report, an analysis of current ESG strategies, or new policies regarding the environment, we can work with you to improve your commitment to a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Why us?


Our professionals have a long-time experience working with multinational companies, law firms, and relevant institutions. We are used to work on challenging and international projects, but we have also relevant experience with small teams and SMEs.


For us, legal innovation is a full-time effort, and not a side job. We are fully committed to redefining the value of humancentrism in the legal world.

Human Factor

We practice what we preach. We are a benefit corporation, and we try to invest in our welfare. We have a track record of pro bono projects and we are proudly supporting charity organizations.

International Approach

Through our net of international specialists we are able to provide our services in all the major jurisdictions

News and Events

Better Ipsum launch has been reported on Dealflower, NTplus, and...